Project Management Services

We pride on ourselves on providing a tailored project management services that assist our clients in establishing their options, defining their project need and managing their project delivery – we become your trust adviser.

Our Services

Best practices is embedded in everything we do. The PM Logic is flexible, means we are ‘One-Stop Shop’ with complete range of customized services delivered by experts. We offer different Project Management Office (PMO) managed services that can help organization to operate more efficiently. The objective is to ensure that, projects are delivered on time and within the budget. Our PMO strategy offers a well-defined methodology along with templates, a knowledge base, metrics, and standardized tools.

PMO Managed Services Model
The Accommodating PMO

PM Logic provides support on-demand expertise, access to information, and expertise on other projects. PM Logic will work with the organization where projects are done successfully in an informally controlled manner and where additional control is not necessary. In this support service we collects, compiles, and reports on information. Outsourcing the coordinator role in the organization.

The Governance PMO

PM Logic provide services on defining and controlling use of methodologies, standards, templates, and policies related to project delivery. In this model we use standard activities, processes, procedures, documentation for organization and tailored accordingly.