PM Logic is a quality assured Project Management company which is equipped with web application tools. Though the prime focus of PM Logic is on managing IT Project, it can equally handle all other kinds of projects as well. We, at PM Logic, have a unique tool to gather all the relevant information about the projects. One very important aspects to be taken into consideration is not just to concentrate on planning alone, which what the usual way people adopt and go about. Planning alone on its own creates a very restrictive point of view. Though planning is an important activity of project management, it alone can never give a sure-fire success. Besides the primary stage of planning, project managers need to foresee the future of the project, take stock of the risks involved, measure the odds and accordingly build an action plan. Thereby bring down the risks linked with the project.

Concept of teamwork

PM Logic does all this and much more. We give equal weightage and importance to tracing of the project, keeping tracks of all the activities of the project like incidents, slippages, change requests, support requests etc…

The thrust of PM Logic is – to provide clear visibility of all the levels and activities involved in the process of project management.

On basic level, the follow-up of project consists in assimilation of all the information and keeping it up-to-date. The operational team is involved in this process. On the other hand, at higher level, Project steering uses the follow-up data to take firm decisions and thereby build an action plan. This allows us to make the necessary adjustments and target on the objectives of the project.