“Management is doing things right. Leadership is doing the right thing.” – Peter Drucker.

PM Logic provides project management services to various small and medium industries. There are common methodologies available to execute different projects like – Business Administration, IT Software Development and Deployment, Design Engineering and Research, New Product Development and Research, Infrastructure etc.

The logic behind the project management of multiple industries is fundamentally the integrated processes. The PM Logic approach to different industries varies from one to another. PM Logic name itself reflects Project Management in Logic – Its an Art.

To understand the logic behind project management in a simple manner – here is a very good example.

It is like baking chocolate chip cookies.

“Picking a methodology is like deciding which recipe to follow when baking chocolate chip cookies. One recipe might use room-temperature butter while another recommends melted margarine, or call for dark chocolate instead of semi-sweet chips. Each recipe gives you delicious cookies, but the steps, ingredients and techniques are all a little different to suit your tastebuds. You should pick a methodology based on your available ingredients: project constraints, timeline, tools, and people.” – Source: https://www.wrike.com