PM Logic is project management services firm specializing in service delivery and integrated solutions provider.

Mark Millennial - PM Logic Main Character

Ripal Shah is the sole owner and operator of the PM Logic company. Experience of more than 17 years in Information Technology Industry with prolific strengths in Project Management, Client Account maintenance, problem-solving and trouble-shooting, Solution design and PMO functions. He has gained the knowledge of Strategic and business management decision and planning/implementing, proactive procedures and systems while working with AGC Networks (An Essar Group of Companies). During his years of experience with Government Companies like GNFC and GIL he developed Leadership skills for successful navigation of complexity in Business/Projects and ability to develop, train, motivate, and supervise team. Also it helps for developing and applying templates at all the level from project initiation to completion. Government regulatory processes sharpened his experience about preparing and conceptualizing technical solutions, RFP, SDD, SRS, analytical reports. He has worked with technology companies like Icenet.Net Ltd. and Ontrack Solutions(Mumbai) for hands-on products experience on Networking equipment, Security Products, Servers and Storage, Windows and Linux OS.

The PM Logic is Gandhinagar, Gujarat based company, that will provide services in project management services – Ability to deliver against business priorities ranging from organizational process improvements to the execution of mission-critical strategy execution. PM Logic has an extensive network of company-backed resources and assets for delivering strategy execution solutions to the clients. Research and benchmarking approach of PM Logic allows to stay forefront of trends and adaptive tactic impact client across industries.
Our commitment to quality includes supervising every engagement and pay attention to the strong relationship with our clients.

Our approach begins with engagement with an initial meeting to establish a working relationship with the client, discuss and agree on the scope of the engagement, including processes and requirements (e.g., status reporting, issues management, etc.), and address project logistics and communication issues.

We influence our research to steadily integrate industry practice quality standards and trends. We are equipped with the knowledge, experience, vertical industry depth, and tools associated with the specific offering being delivered.